The Benefits of Bats

image002 (1)Bats make good neighbors. As the only major predators of night flying insects, bats play an important role in controlling many insects. A single bat can consume as many as 500 insects in just one hour or nearly 3,000 insects every night. A colony of just 100 “Little Brown Bats”, the most abundant species in cottage country, may consume more than a quarter of a million mosquitoes and other small insects each night. You benefit from them residing on your property, you just don’t want them living in your attic.

At AFTER-BATS we know of the value of the Little Brown Bat in providing an ecological control of mosquito populations on your property and reducing the risk of West Nile Virus to you and your family. Our service includes (to customers who wish to have a Bat population reside on their property) a Free Bat House to provide you with the continued benefits of a local Bat population.

*** Please note that it is illegal to poison or kill bats in Ontario ***