Bat Removal & Bat Proofing, Attic Restoration Peterborough & Kawartha Lakes

Our Mission is to ensure that your home, cottage or business be a safe environment free of infestation and materials that may be potentially hazardous to you or your family’s health.

What We Do

Our professionally trained staff will come to your home or business and perform a thorough inspection of the building. We will fully explain all the procedures that would be required to humanely remove the entire bat colony and “bat proof” your building. We will take pictures or video of the conditions in your attic, present them for your viewing and explain how our safe removal of the guano could be performed.

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Bat Removal & Proofing


Attic Cleaning & Deodorizing


Insulation Removal & Replacement


More Important Information

Why Remove The Bats?

Bat infestation may also lead to a Bat Bug infestation in buildings. Bat Bugs have often been mistaken for Bed Bugs as they look very similar.

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Bat Rabies

Rabies is a deadly virus able to infect all mammals including Humans. Most of us associate rabies with the mad dog frothing at the mouth, eager to bite anything near it.

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A certain percentage of bat populations are infected with a virus called Capsulatum Cistoplasme and can consequently excrete the organism in their droppings.

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Bat Bugs

Bat bugs may be found in houses and buildings that are infested with bats. The bat bug is a very close relative to the bed bug.

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Our service includes (to customers who wish to have a Bat population reside on their property) a Free Bat House to provide you with the continued benefits of a local Bat population.

Download plans to construct your own bat house here

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